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KrAZ-5233NE right-hand drive


KrAZ-5233NE right-hand drive

In the mid of October, the Holding Company AvtoKrAZ from Ukraine has presented KrAZ-5233 – the first mass production two-axle all-terrain army vehicle with a right-hand drive steering wheel.

KrAZ-5233NE chassis has a wheel configuration 4×4 and is equipped with a V8 YMZ-238DE2 (Euro 2) engine, turbocharged, 330 hp, nine-speed 9JS150 gearbox and double disks clutch MFZ-430.

In a short time – within a month, this truck were designed and built by an order of a large Indian company. The rapid development has happened because of experience of producing another right-hand drive model KrAZ-6322 in May this year. After the installation of special equipment the trucks will be tested. The new model KrAZ is intended to equip Indian law enforcement. The new model is differed from the serial KrAZ-5233NE by new aggregates, including the integral type steering mechanism, the fuel supply, clutch and brake, heating and ventilation of the cabin.

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