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Improved dumper URAL 63685-0110-03


Improved dumper URAL 63685-0110-03

At the STT-2010 and has just opened Neftegas-2010 exhibitions GAZ Group has presented a new dumper URAL 63685-03 (6×4, total weight 25.5 tons, payload 15 tons).

Improvement of the technical and operational characteristics of the vehicle led to the optimum ratio of its capacity and efficiency, and reduces the cost of owning the truck and increases its productivity. Improved technical parameters of the vehicle can operate it on public roads.

Trucks can be equipped with 10 tones axles Raba; engine with power from 250 to 362 hp, 8, 9 – and 12-speed gearbox. The truck is equipped with a 2-place daycab. Dumper platform has a capacity of 10 cubic meters and ramp angle 50 degrees. The model can be produced in different versions – dump truck, tractor and chassis for placement of special equipment.

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