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eTruck Motor from Hungary tries to get money for they electic truck


eTruck Motor from Hungary tries to get money for they electic truck

Even though there’s still a lot of work to do until electric passenger cars become mainstream, the technology has already spread over to the trucking business.

eTruck Motor might appear like a legit startup trying to convince investors to pour some money into their upcoming product. eTruck Motor says it will build a multi-billion factory in Hungary where it will begin production of the electric semi truck.

The first units will roll out in two-to-three years and will have impressive specs: 1,200 km maximum range (745 miles) on a single charge, 580 horsepower, 7,000 Nm of torque (5,162 lb-ft), and a recharge time of just 2.5 hours. All for the mere price of €160,000 euros ($188,770).

But the part about the whole scheme has got to be the so-called ‘spy video.’ If somebody is stupid enough to give any money to eTruck after watching this, then they deserve to go bankrupt. The footage shows a Mercedes-Benz Actros dressed up in black-and-white camouflage with a big eTruck Motor logo on its front and a few strips of LEDs for added credibility.

What makes the clip so surreal is the incredibly bad post-production handling of the sound. Since they had to hide the rattle of the diesel engine, the original soundtrack was removed, and replaced with something that seems taken from a 1950s science-fiction movie. We’d give eTruck Motor an A plus for audacity, but an F minus for execution.

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