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Design: Safe truck Back Pack Truck


Design: Safe truck Back Pack Truck

The rear of a truck isn’t the safest place to be. While advanced countries implement strict rules to ensure road safety, the same can’t be said for countries like Mexico and others.

It isn’t uncommon to find people leaning or hanging dangerously over the sides, falling victim to unnecessary and preventable accidents. A young industrial designer by the name of Claudio Monterrubiom, with a quest to finding a solution to this trend, has come up with a concept that if implemented, could very well spell the end of unsafe truck ends.

Called the Back Pack Truck or BPT concept, the project was entered as part of a local car design contest. It seeks to promote awareness – environmental and social – of the importance of safe truck engineering. The design itself is pretty aesthetic with plenty of smooth lines and curves. It features a massive windshield and a truck bed with 8 seats along with seat belts. The front has space for another 3 seats, taking the occupancy level to 11.

The rear seats provide ample leg room for passengers and are made using upholstered all-weather cushions. LED-integrated stop lights at the back lend the BPT a modern look while also ensuring low energy requirements. The eco-friendly vehicle uses two brushless electric motors and A123 nanophosphate batteries mated to a special gearbox. BPT has a driving range of 8 hours on a full charge. The question is – how is it possible!!??? While the concept doesn’t provide for the highest mileage, the fact that it is emission-free means that commuters won’t have to contend with noxious fumes oozing out of exhaust pipes. The interior is ergonomic with a soft and human-centered cabin design.

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