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Design-project of a future long distance Volvo truck


Design-project of a future long distance Volvo truck

Volvo Ants Neumatic Vehicle Concept by Alex Marzo implement idea for you to lease micro-containers to multiple companies, in this way they can ensure that they are always filled for you to capacity.

Their container union is flexible, therefore allowing better articulation inside navigation and avoid jack knife accidents. Alex Marzo has envisioned our future long-haul transportation using Volvo Ants, an aero neumatic transport systems. Through extensive investigation in biomimicry, this industrial designer has come upward with transportation system inspired through ants (again!!!). It implements ants behavior like a cohesive system as anyone know their ability to communicate using each other, distribute food, as well as all responsibilities in their community is actually intriguing. The overall concept starting from its models, systems, processes and elements consider inspiration from ants in order to resolve our problems.

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