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Austrian luxurious mobile home Elemment Palazzo


Austrian luxurious mobile home Elemment Palazzo

The Austrian company Marchi has developed a design project of a luxury mobile home Elemment Palazzo.

The aerodynamic body bases on the design of German genius designer Luigi Colani and reduces fuel consumption by 20% compared with serial trucks. Elemment Palazzo offers a convenient lift ladder, living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom located on two floors. Each mobile home will be made to order according personal wishes of clients.

The standard equipment includes hardwood floors, luxurious decoration materials, long skylights in the living room, height-adjustable seat, retractable compartment, which increases the inner space in a parked position as much as 80%. An interesting feature is the retractable mansard – 20 square meters of Sky Lounge area, equipped with a heated floor, bar and system of shading, rises from the top of the mobile structure.

Luminescent paint is visible only under a certain light and used to create an individual style and spectacular exterior design of this large vehicle. In addition to the mobile home version, the company offers Elemment Palazzo in the form of VIP-shuttle and mobile showroom.

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