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Chevrolet Series P / Q

Chevrolet PB



Chevrolet Series P / Q

1934 - 1936

In 1934б the 1.5-ton truck the second time in two years received completely changed appearance. But for the first time since the introduction of the Model T truck in 1918, there was no automotive sheet metal in the truck body – it had all of its own stampings and, although the radiator shell and grille were similar to those used on the 1933 cars, there were not interchangeable.

The 1934-year models called PA and PB for the 131-inch wheelbase with single or dual rear wheels, and PC or PD for 157-inch wheelbase models with single or dual rear wheels. The new engine now developed 80 hp.

In 1935 the Series P was replaced by the Series Q, which was represented by QA and QB models with 131-inch wheelbase, and QC and QD with 157-inch wheelbase. Externally, these two series were similar. One of such trucks (model QA with 131-inch wheelbase) completed in the National Hill Climb at Pikes Peak and made the run in 26 minutes and 12 seconds, only 7 minutes slower that the run made by the fastest passenger car in competition.

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