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Chevrolet Series JD / JE / V, KD / KE / KF / WA / WB

Chevrolet VB



Chevrolet Series JD / JE / V, KD / KE / KF / WA / WB

1939 - 1941

Completely redesigned hood, fenders, wheels and running boards made this year’s Chevrolet trucks look totally different. All trucks of 1939 featured a new cab with single, more simplified belt line trim and a new two-piece “V” windshield.

The lightest 3/4-ton model JD used a 123-inch wheelbase. The 1-ton model called JE and used 133-inch wheelbase. One of the country’s most popular large trucks was the 1.5-ton Platform Stake, Series VD, which now used a 158,5 inch wheelbase, or the Series VB, which used a 133-inch wheelbase.

Except a new but very similar grille, the 1940 models were almost identical to the 1939 models. However, on the inside, a car-type instrument panel replaced the old version on all except special chassis/cowl units and school bus chassis. All trucks now used sealed beam headlights and had small parking lights on the fenders.

The 3/4-ton chassis were now KD or KE and 1-ton chassis was designated KF. The 1.5-ton conventional models were designated Series WA and WB.

Predecessor: Chevrolet Series HD / HE / T
Successor: Chevrolet Series A / Y, B / M, C / O, D / P

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