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Autocar DC-100D / DC-103D

1947 Autocar DC-100D



Autocar DC-100D / DC-103D

1949 - 1957


The range of diesel Autocar trucks also included offroad dump trucks DC-100D. These trucks were equipped with huge off-road tires and a steel front bumper of original construction with radiator protection. The tipper had visor above the cab to protect the driver during loading cargo by an excavator.

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1947 Autocar DC-100D

1947 Autocar DC-100D


In the early 50s Autocar introduced a series of heavy mining dump trucks belonging to the range of DC. The trucks received index DC-100D (produced from 1950 to 1953) and DC-103D (from 1953).

The dump trucks equipped with Cummins HRB or NHB diesel engines with power up to 200 hp. They were equipped with 10 cu.yd bodies, but bigger bodies were available. Tires dimensions are 12:00-24. There were versions with round shape front wings from road versions, and with angular shape from construction versions OH.

Successor: Autocar AP-15 / AP-18

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