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Albion DW1 / DW3

Albion DW1S Patrol Van From the Albion of Scotstoun book



Albion DW1 / DW3

1938 - 1940

The DW series of models appeared briefly in 1939/40 for payloads of between 2 and 5 tons. It was an export model only. The 2/3 ton DW1 model (1939) was equipped with a 4 cylinder EN212 3.9 litre petrol engine (or Gardner 4LK also), the same as fitted to the Model 127, but with a transmission which gave it a top speed of 50 mph (ca. 80 km/h), a significant speed for its time.

The 3/5.5 ton model DW3 was effectively a four cylinder FT3 series model for overseas markets, where there was less stress on lightweight construction and low speed limits. Production of the DW range ceased at the beginning of the war and was never restarted, being effectively replaced by the FT range.

Successor: Albion FT3 / FT5 / FT7 / FT17 / FT19 / FT21 / FT23

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