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Kamaz-Ajokki “Magnolia 83A” series 1

Kamaz-Ajokki "Magnolia 83A" series 1



Kamaz-Ajokki “Magnolia 83A” series 1

1985 - 1992

In the Soviet Union after the XXII Olympic Games in 1980 was necessary to modernize the mobile TV stations vehicles. The base model of that time – “Magnolia-80” – was built on the chassis of bus LiAZ-5932. In 1983, the mobile TV station “Magnolia-80” was upgraded and received the name “Magnolia-83”. It was designed to work with four cameras KT-178 and one additional reportage camera KT-190.

Firstly, the TV stations were built on the same bus chassis LiAZ-5932, but later the Ajokki Oy Finnish company has developed for it a more comfortable and roomy bus type body on the chassis of KAMAZ-53213 truck, and since 1985 all new mobile TV stations were built only with this body. New trucks received the designation of “Magnolia-83A”.

These mobile TV stations were produced very interesting: KAMAZ-53213 chassis from Naberezhnye Chelny (Russia) were transported to Finland in Tampere at the Bus Factory Ajokki, where the body was mounted, and then chassis with body were sent to the Lithuanian SSR to the plant “Television Engineering” in Shaulyay town, where the vehicles were equipped with television equipment. Different variants of Magnolia had different equipment inside. There were main longer version and auxiliary shorter model.

The main model is divided inside into luggage compartment and special rooms for a sound engineer, video director and engineer. Power is supplied by a three-phase AC voltage of 380 V, as well as the built-in diesel engine -generator Panda 1925 Fischer. In the early 90’s the vehicles were upgraded.

Successor: Kamaz-Ajokki “Magnolia 83A” series 2

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