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Chevrolet Series 50 / 60 / 80 ‘1962



Chevrolet Series 50 / 60 / 80 ‘1962

1962 - 1964

In 1962, all Chevrolet trucks received a new grille with only two headlights, as opposed to the quad headlights of last year. The massive hoods remained, but their appearance was less predominant due to the fact that the dual air scoops were now gone, and the parking lights were simply blended into the sheet metal. The main news of this year was the addition diesel versions to the range. These had a GM 4-53 130 hp diesel engine and were designated as D60 (GVW of 19,500 lbs) and D60-H (GVW of 23,000 lbs).

The range with petrol engines was much wider. The lightest model C50 was equipped in standard with 235 Six engine. As an option was available, the 261 Six 150 hp engine and even the 283 V8. The heavier model C60 with GVW of 19,500 was equipped in standard with 150-horsepower 261 Six engine, and offered as an option 185-horsepower 327 V8.

The heaviest of the two-axle models was the C80 with a GVW of 25,000 lbs. Standard for it was a 348 hp V8 engine with 220 hp, and an extra charge you can order a mighty 409 V8 engine developed 252 hp. All models were available in 5 different wheelbase variants – 133″, 145″, 157″, 175″ and 197″.

The range also included a three-axle model M80 with a GVW of 36,000 lbs. The rear axle was supplied by Hendrickson Mfg. Co. in single drive or twin axle drive versions. Available wheelbases were 157″, 175″ and 193″. In 1963, the 235 Six and 261 Six were replaced by a new 230 Six and 292 Six engines.

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