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Chevrolet Step-Van 7 ‘1961

Chevrolet Step-Van 7 '61



Chevrolet Step-Van 7 ‘1961

1961 - 1968

In 1961, the smallest 1/2-ton Series 10 Chevrolet Step-Van received a new body from Union City Body Co. This one had much more squared corners, and an almost flat grille and windshield surface. The grille remained a variation of former Step-Van grilles, and didn’t follow the styling of other Chevrolet truck front ends.

This step-van used 102-inch wheelbase and new 153 Four in standard or 230-cu.-inch 6-cylinder engine rated at 140 hp, as an option. From the 1967, the 6-cylinder engine became standard equipment. The model was named as Step-Van 7, because of 7- or 8-foot body, with 65″ or 69″ body height, which provides 211 or 258 cu. ft. of load space.

Predecessor: Chevrolet Series 3000 Forward Control / Step-Van ‘1958
Successor: Chevrolet Step-Van 7 ‘1969

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