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Chevrolet Series 70 / 80 ‘1967

Chevrolet C70



Chevrolet Series 70 / 80 ‘1967

1967 - 1977

Conventional cab models of Series 70 and 80 with 92-inch BBC were offered with either gasoline or diesel power, and actually were up-rated versions of the medium-duty Series 60. Short cab design gave reduced overall length and increased maneuverability compared to old-style conventional cabs.

Gasoline models (Series 70 and 80) powered by V6 engines were offered in a full range of wheelbases, making them suitable for use both as tractors and as trucks with bodies as long as 24 feet. GVW ratings to 32,000 lbs. for single-rear-axle models and 48,000 lbs. for tandem-rear-axle models, GCW ratings to 65,000 lbs. for both single-rear-axle and tandem-rear-axle models.

Diesel models (Series 80) with D637 or DH637 V8 Torq-Flow or 6V-53N Detroit Diesel engines were offered for tractor applications. Later there was a wide choice of diesel engines – 2-cycle Detroit Diesel 6-71N, and 4-cycle Cummins NH-230, NHC-250, NTC-270E and NTC-335.

There were several sizes of wheelbase to choose: 127″ (models HM71000, HM81000), 139″ (models HM71200, HV/HJ71200, HM81200), 148″ (model HM81000), 152″ (models HM71400, HV/HJ71400, HM81400), 169″ (models HM71700, HM81700), 191″ (models HM72000, HM82000), 205″ (models HM72300, HM82300) and 217″ (models HM72500, HM82500).

The tri-axle versions of Series 70 and 80 were equipped with dual-drive tandem rear axles only. Gasoline models were powered by a 401 or 478 V6 engines. Tandem bogies available included 30,000-, 34,000- and 38,000 lbs. Hendricksons.

Diesel models employed the D637 or DH637 Torq-Flow or the 6V-53N Detroit Diesel engines, and then any engine from the single-rear-axle range. The tandem-rear-axle models were available in 5 wheelbase configurations: 151″ (models JM/JJ/JV71400, JM81400), 169″ (models JM/JJ/JV71700, JM81700), 187″ (models JM/JJ/JV72000), 198″ (models JJ/JV72100, JM82100) and 210″ (models JJ/JV72300, JM82300).

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