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Chevrolet Apache 3600 / 3800 ‘1958

Chevrolet Apache 3800



Chevrolet Apache 3600 / 3800 ‘1958

1958 - 1960

Some new styling made the 1958 models definitely stand out from the previous units. Among the changes were quad-headlights, a new and much wider grille with integral parking lights, new dashboard and interior, and new series designations. The light trucks were called Apaches.

The Panel truck was not available as a 3/4-ton vehicle anymore, but it did appear in the 1-ton Series 3800 line on a 135-inch wheelbase chassis. Among the new items in Chevrolet’s light duty truck line this year were 4-wheel drive units in a multitude of ranges.

These could be fitted under any of the 1/2, 3/4, or 1-ton chassis. 4-wheel drive models with a 123.5-inch wheelbase, as a Series 3600, had a GVW of 6200 pounds, while the top 1-ton Series 3800 had 6600 pound GVW.

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