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Autocar DC / Construcktor

Autocar DC '68 / Construcktor



Autocar DC / Construcktor

1968 - 1983

B models

AUTOCAR’S conventional trucks are sporting a new steel cab this year. While similar to previous cab design, the new units can be spotted by their larger windshields and side door windows. Instrument panels are made for fast and easy access to wiring, and the cab interior has been improved.

The slanted instrument panel tilts forward in two sections with the removal of just three screws. Waterproofing of the new cab is better, and it is completely insulated. Molded fiberglass is used to finish both ceiling and walls.

Since 1970, all models in the DC range were equipped only with steel simplified fenders similar to hose installed to OH models. Rounded fenders were remained only in lightweight models of A range. In 1970, the DC range included models DC87, DC9364, DC9964, DC10364, and a number of AWD versions. Versions with a set forward front axle got an additional letter F (eg, DC9364F), with a set back front axle – the letter B (eg, DC10364B).

In 1974, the lineup included new construction versions KK9364B KK9364F with GVW of 22 tonnes and more. The heaviest and powerful versions got radiator of increased volume. In 1976, the version DC9364B got “Construcktor” logo, which was used previously on White Construcktor, production of this had been stopped by that time.

In 1980, Autocar simplified indexing of its models, leaving in the model lineup only DC42B, DC64B and DC64F, as well as several all-wheel drive models. Producing of DC / Construcktor trucks continued until about 1983, when they changed the index to DK.

Predecessor: Autocar C / DC with all-steel cab
Successor: Autocar DK

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F models

The DC model range included also set-forward front axle versions also. It is easily distinguished by the headlights integrated in the rectangular front fenders. The range included models DC9364F and DC10364F, and after 1980 – the DC42F & DC64F. These trucks were produced until 1983, when the DC range changed its index to DK.

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