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Autocar DC-6766 / DC-7366

Autocar DC-7366



Autocar DC-6766 / DC-7366

1966 - 1979

Maximum mobility in the roughest terrain was provided by a new line of 6×6s Autocar trucks, presented in 1966. In addition to all-wheel drive chassis with a standard layout, a new range includes original three-axle chassis DC-6766 and DC-7366. DC-6766 rated at 56,000 lbs was available to order with 170-, 182- or 194-in wb. DC-7366 rated at 53,000-62,000 lbs were available with 195-, 207- or 219-in wb.

The first model a 195-hp V-6 on units, while the second with a 190-hp in-line Six. Several optional diesel engines are also available. Transmissions are a 5-speed manual with the V-6 engine and 4-speed manual with the in-line Six. A 4-speed manual auxiliary is standard on all models. Options include a 4-speed automatic transmission on models with 56,000-lb GVW.

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