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Ausa M 150 M / M 150 MC

Ausa M 150M



Ausa M 150 M / M 150 MC

2006 - 2015

Benefiting from the experience of its predecessor, the DV 17, one of the most popular vehicles in the history of AUSA, the new model M 150M offers many additional features. An innovative cabin and the most modern interior finishing have enhanced its visual appeal.

Its inner core also merits praise. Its 3-cylinder diesel Kubota motor rated at 16.8 kW (22 hp) makes it a great deal faster and more powerful than before.

The reliability provided by its new axles, and the proven efficiency of its innovative gear box, the M 150M may well become the point of reference for materials transport up to 1,500 kilograms.

DV 17 operators have praised the safety, sturdiness, and innovativeness of the M 150M. The cabin’s comfort and ergonomic design have also received rave reviews. The range included model M 150MC with multi-lift system.

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