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Armstrong-Saurer Dynamic / Dominant

Armstrong-Saurer Dominant



Armstrong-Saurer Dynamic / Dominant

1932 - 1937

On the basis of two-axle truck, which Armstong-Saurer start to producing in 1931 under the license of the Swiss Saurer, the company developed a three-axle 9/10-ton model Dynamic and 11/12-ton model Dominant. Initially, the rear bogie design that had four wheel drive and was similar in some respects to the rear bogie of the famous Scammell Pioneer 6×4 Model.

The rear bogie of the Armstrong Saurer was the Rocking Beams Type, which had two 9 ft.5 ins. long rear springs for suspension. Alas, this design proved to be too heavy and expensive, so this bogie was replaced with conventional rear drive axles.

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