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The ARIS Airlift Global Carrier (AGC) is a prime mover which was designed specifically for transport, with cargo, by C-130 Hercules transport aircraft. The vehicle is in service with the Italian Air Force for the NATO Rapid Reaction Force. It is used for the rapid deployment of the MBDA Spada low to medium-altitude surface-to-air missile system, although it can be used for the transport/handling of a variety of other systems.

The ARIS AGC 170 is capable of C-130 Hercules transport aircraft drive-on/drive-off operations complete with cargo and requires no assistance from any form of loading or unloading equipment. A variety of equipment types can be transported between the two-axle short wheelbase tractor and the rear axle assembly, these including 20 ft ISO containers, assorted shelters or purpose-designed flatbeds mounting missile launchers, radar antenna and sheltered modules.

The purpose-designed tractor is available in 4 × 2 or 4 × 4 configuration, the 4 × 4 having independent suspension and a more powerful engine. A new four-wheel drive flatbed semi-trailer has been produced. This item connected to the TPA towing tractor gives the system an all-terrain 8 × 8 capability. The fifth wheel of the tractor is fitted with a jib-type assembly that not only locates the container or other load, but also raises and lowers it to facilitate the load and unload process. The cab of the towing tractor is an adapted light commercial vehicle product.

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