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The J 4×4 is a four wheel drive off-road vehicle with a rigid frame and front wheel steering, designed to haul loads up to 10,000 pounds (4.54 t). The frame layout and steering are similar to that used on conventional trucks and provides an excellent carrier for long, bulky loads such as drills with masts that extend the full length of the vehicle when lowered to the traveling position.

The rear axle of the vehicle is firmly mounted to the frame while the front axle is pivot mounted, which allows the front wheels to move up and down when traveling over irregular terrain without uneven tire loading or frame twist.

The light but strong construction makes the ARDCO J 4×4 especially suited for soft terrain and, when equipped with Terra tires, is usually amphibious without special flotation tanks. A wide choice of optional components and accessories allows the customer to tailor the J to his specific job.

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