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AMICO M1900 / M2600 / M3800




AMICO M1900 / M2600 / M3800

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The most extensive family of AMICO is the range of heavy trucks with design of front mask in a style of MAN TGA truck. But the front mask is only what similar to MAN trucks – the cabin, engines, transmissions and chassis are completely different.

The lightest model in the range is M1929 with GVW of 19500 kg and 6500 kg of load capacity. This model comes in two versions – the M1929c with a wheelbase of 5200 mm and the M1929d with a wheelbase of 4000 mm. Both models are equipped with 9.7-liter inline 6-cylinder engine with an output of 290 hp and torque to 1160 Nm, which meets Euro II standard.

M2631 (6×4) is equipped with the same engine, but develops 310 horsepower. GVW can reach 26000 kg. Top versions in the model range are truck tractors M2640T (4×2) and M2642T (6×4). Both are equipped with 11.6-liter engine, but the first has a capacity of 400 hp, while the second – 420 hp. GCW of the three-axle vehicle reaches 50 tonnes. The cabin is available with a low or high roof. The heaviest model in the range is the M3840 (8×4) with a GVW of 38 tonnes and 400 hp engine.

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