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American LaFrance TK 6

American LaFrance TK 6

American LaFrance


American LaFrance TK 6

1933 - 1933

American LaFrance built this huge model TK 6 Armored Car in 1933. Although tested in Aberdeen Proving Ground in August of that year, none were purchased by US forces, as the TK 6 had been built for Iran. Powered by a 240 horsepower American La France V-12, it could achieve 52 mph (ca. 84 km/h) forward and 23 mph (ca. 37 km/h) in reverse.

A cumbersome vehicle, it had armor from 1/4 to 1/3 – inch thick, and weighed 10,4 tons. Designed to be driven in either direction, it had headlights and taillights at both ends. Chains drove all four wheels. The turret held a 37 mm and caliber 0.30 combination mount.

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