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American LaFrance 2R / 3R / 5R

American LaFrance 5R

American LaFrance


American LaFrance 2R / 3R / 5R

1923 - 1929

In the early 1920s, American LaFrance re-entered the commercial truck business, building medium and heavy-duty motor trucks in a new factory in New Jersey. American LaFrance’s commercial range included models from 2 to 7-1/2-ton.

In the mid 1920s the company built the 2-1/2-ton model 2R with 36×4 front and 36×7 rear tires on Dayton wheels. The engine was also designated as 2R using a Zenith carburetor and Splitdorf ignition.

The 3-1/2-ton model was designated as 3R, and 5- and 6-ton models were 5R. At this time American LaFrance also built truck tractors including 5-ton, 7-ton, 10-ton, 13-ton and 15-ton models. All of these trucks used the company’s own engines, clutches, transmissions and axles.

Predecessor: American LaFrance Type 6

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