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2012 - n/a

At DSA 2012 Defence Services Asia exhibition, the Malaysian Company Amdac presents a new version of its light tactical vehicle. AMDAC ADIWIRA ITMS is a 4 x 4 Interchangeable Tactical Mobility System that provides the flexibility and cost effective ways for present and future mobility requirements – thanks to its innovative design where a single chassis platform can be converted to other applications’ platform.

The ITMS is an all-terrain, multi-role and functionally flexible tactical mobility vehicle designed to meet the needs of the modern armed forces and other industries. The vehicle is especially suited to rapid response situations, having the optimal external dimensions, high payload to weight rations, special fixings and quick strip down ability. The new Adiwira ITMS has finally found its own face, unlike the previous model, which is almost an exact copy of a French multi-truck ALM-Acmat TF / TPK VLRA.

Predecessor: AMDAC Adiwira

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