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Alvis OMC RG-31

Alvis OMC RG-31

Alvis OMC


Alvis OMC RG-31

2002 - 2004

The RG-31 is a 4×4 multi-purpose mine-protected armored personnel carrier (APC). It is based on the Mamba APC of TFM Industries. The RG-31 is built from a V-shaped all-steel welded armor monocoque hull and high suspension, typical of South African mine protected vehicles, providing excellent small-arms and mine blast protection.

The vehicle is designed to resist a blast equivalent to two TM-57 anti-tank mines detonating simultaneously. The vehicle accommodates a crew of 8 or 10, including the driver, depending on model. Dismounting is provided via a large rear door and two front doors. Alvis OMC made its own updated model RG-31 Mk-III.

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