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Alvis OMC RG-12

Alvis OMC RG-12

Alvis OMC


Alvis OMC RG-12

2002 - 2004

The RG-12 is a multi-purpose public order vehicle with anti-personnel mine, grenade, firebomb and small arms fire protection. Originally designed as a police public order vehicle for both urban and rural operations, the RG-12 has been developed to be used in many roles, including as routine armored patrol vehicle, military APC, bullion carrier, bulk diamond carrier and internal security vehicle on gold and platinum mines.

Later was presented RG-12 MkII with an auxiliary power unit driven air conditioning system for effective climate regulation in extreme conditions, provision of a central tire inflation system enhancing mobility by allowing inflation or deflation of the tires according to terrain requirements, an anti-skid braking system and various ergonomic modifications to ensure crew comfort.

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