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Alvis OMC Okapi

Alvis OMC Okapi

Alvis OMC


Alvis OMC Okapi

2002 - 2004

The Okapi is a 6×6 mine protected vehicle (MPV) which can be configured for use in various roles: command and control vehicle, fire control post or specialized anti-mine equipment carrier. Its high mobility enables it to climb steep gradients and sizeable steps. Six large wheels take the vehicle effortlessly over rugged terrain, sand and mud.

The Okapi is powered by a 6 cylinder 4 stroke turbo charged engine and it has an approximate range of 400 km off road and 900 km on road. Occupants are protected against 7,62 mm x 51 mm NATO standard ball ammunition rounds fired at a distance of 30 m or further. These specifications can be upgraded. Occupants will also survive a detonation of 2 TM57 anti-tank landmines under the vehicle. Maximum speed is 95 km/h.

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