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Ahrens-Fox K / L / M / N / P series 1

1916 Ahrens-Fox M3



Ahrens-Fox K / L / M / N / P series 1

1915 - 1920

In 1915, Ahrens-Fox replaced the double-dome Continental with a totally redesigned piston pumper. Powered by a four-cylinder engine of its own design and manufacture, the new Model “K” sported a single, spherical air chamber atop its 750 gpm four-piston pump. The first Model “K” – which would characterize Ahrens-Fox’s pumper design for the next four decades – was delivered to Beaumont, Texas. The United States Government purchased 15 Model “K” piston pumpers in 1918 for the United States Army Ordnance Corps. From 1915 onward, Ahrens-Fox identified its products with an alpha-numeric combination of letters and numbers which indicated the motor, pumping capacity and equipment carried.

The basic types included:

  • Model “K”, four-cylinder engine, 750 gpm piston pumper built between 1915 and 1926.
  • Model “L”, six-cyliner engine, six-piston 1200 gpm pumper, only 13 of which were built between 1915 and 1918.
  • Model “M”, six-cylinder engine, 750 gpm pumper produced between 1916 and 1933.
  • Model “N”, six-cylinder engine, 1000 gpm pumper, more than 250 of which were delivered between 1917 and 1935.
  • Model “P”, six-cylinder engine, six-piston 1300 gpm, 23 of which were delivered between 1919 and 1929.

Predecessor: Ahrens-Fox Continental Model A / Model B
Successor: Ahrens-Fox H / J / K / M / N / P series 2

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