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AEC Militant MkIII (model O870/O880)

AEC Militant MkIII model O870



AEC Militant MkIII (model O870/O880)

1966 - 1979

In 1966, to replace the first generation of Militant came third generation MkIII (second generation Militant MkII was presented by a few prototypes). It was a 10-ton truck O870 (FV11046) 6×6 with GVW up to 28 tonnes, a diesel AV760 (12,5 l, 226 hp) engine, 6-speed gearbox, planetary reduction gears and steering mechanism with hydraulic booster.

The version with a left hand drive had an index O880. In 1969, the medium recovery vehicle (FV-11044) was made, based on the 10 ton cargo chassis. It was intended to replace the Scammell Explorer, itself a replacement for the wartime Pioneer, and to supplement the Leyland Martian Heavy Recovery and Bedford RL Light Recovery vehicles. It was fitted with a crane which could be locked in the central position with two jib stays for suspended towing up to 5.25 tons (as shown above) or slewed to either side for general lifting duties up to 4.75 tons depending on radius and use of the outrigger jacks.

The recovery vehicles differed from the cargo version in that they had a shorter wheelbase, a larger 4 seat cab, larger 16.00R20 Michelin radial tyres, lower overall gearing and a three-line braking system. The recovery body was built by Scammell using a Coles hydraulic crane and Scammell winch, similar to that fitted to the Explorer and Constructor. Recover vehicle on the chassis of the Militant MkIII became the last military vehicle of AEC company.

Predecessor: AEC Militant MkII

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