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Adler 2-Tonner / 3-Tonner / 3,5-Tonner

Adler 3-tonner



Adler 2-Tonner / 3-Tonner / 3,5-Tonner

1908 - 1910

A first “real” truck, a three-ton truck (3–3.5 t payload) with chain drive, was presented by Adler in 1908. It had a 14/15 hp four-cylinder engine, 18/20 hp was offered for mountainous routes. In 1910 the truck was given a 13/22 hp four-cylinder engine.

A new 2-tonner (18/20 PS four-cylinder) and the well-known 3.5-tonner (13/22 hp four-cylinder) debuted at the 1909 International Truck Competition.

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