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Mercedes-Benz Zetros for Mongolia


Mercedes-Benz Zetros for Mongolia

Two businessmen in Mongolia have ordered a matching pair of the six-wheel-drive cargo truck and had them converted to luxury RVs for use on hunting expeditions.

For the expeditions, these Zetros customs have been fitted with everything you’d expect on a yacht: Full bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom (complete with shower, marble tiles and under-floor heating). They’ve got 46-inch flat-screen TV monitors, outdoor grilles, Bose sound systems, self-adjusting motorized satellite dishes and Wi-Fi.

A 7.2-liter inline-six diesel engine with 326 horsepower and 960 pound-feet of torque does the pushing/pulling duties, driving all six wheels for a chassis load capacity of 16 metric tons. Both vehicles have substantially identical bodies, though one of the two examples also has a rear vehicle bay able to accommodate a quadbike. The luxury long-distance off-roaders have an imposing length of 10.70 m (plus 60 cm for the model with rear vehicle bay), a width of 2.70 m and a height of 4.20 m.

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