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GAZ “Valday” with Cummins ISF engine


GAZ “Valday” with Cummins ISF engine

GAZ Group has started production and sale of modernized GAZ-33106 “Valday” with a new diesel engine, produced by the American company Cummins Inc.

Version with the new engine has 15% less fuel consumption, longer engine life (up to 500 thousand km), increased service intervals in 1,5 times up to 15 thousand km, better traction and dynamic performances and increased payload up to 4 tons. Engine capacity of Cummins ISF is 3.76 liters, power – 152 hp (112 kW) at 2600 rpm and maximum torque – 491 Nm at 1200-1900 rpm. Fuel Consumption is 12 and 15 liters per 100 km at speeds of 60 and 80 km/h, respectively. The engine is equipped with a modern Common Rail system and turbocharger.

In addition to installing the new engine, an upgrading of main systems and components has been made. The truck is used components of leading international manufacturers, as well as own original developments. The most notable changes are the clutch system (clutch by ZF Sachs), engine mounts (cushions engine Anvis), steering (steering power ZF LS), the gearbox (2-cone synchronizers, the input shaft, coupling with a fork), the engine systems (power and cooling), heating, electrical and suspension (stabilizer bars). The basic package includes a cruise control, and heater of coolant for twin cab version.

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