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Scanias new design on a photo is fake


Scanias new design on a photo is fake

Now everybody is speculating about the new Scania and this photo spreads like wildfire over Facebook. They do look good but this is not the new Scania design. These are ‘artist impressions’ that were well made but this can’t be for real.

Take a close look at the one that was photographed under a camouflage wrapping with a net. That is off course a different model but in the modular Scania system we can compare some details. This one shows a shape behind the door that is not there on the new one. Also the lines of the lower cab where they meet the bumper are not the same. The headlight design seems to be very close on the artist impression, but then it all goes wrong at the way the fender fits to the door. Another interesting detail on the wrapped truck is the shape of the mirrors. It looks like the Scania designers took a close look at the ones on the Volvo FH.

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