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Chevrolet Apache Series 20 / 30 / 40 ‘1960

Chevrolet C20



Chevrolet Apache Series 20 / 30 / 40 ‘1960

1960 - 1962

In 1960, the truck-line received distinctive new faces featured a huge hood sporting two simulated air scoops on either side of the central emblem. Within these scoops was a small grille surrounding the parking / signal lights. Light duty trucks had their own distinctive main grilles, while the Spartan trucks had a totally different grille design.

Model Series designations for 1960 were completely revised. The new system began with a letter prefix. For example, a “C” prefix indicated a conventional cab; a “K” indicated a 4 wheel drive model. Actual badging on trucks still carried the series name system from the previous generation.

The 10, 20, and 30 series (C or K) were badged as “Apache 10”, etc. 40, 50. The 3/4-ton models received designations C20 and K20, and the one-ton was available only as a 2-wheel drive model C30. The wheelbase of 3/4-ton model was 127 inches, while the 1-ton had 133 inch wheelbase.

Chevrolet trucks came with an inline six cylinder and a small block 283 V-8. All 1960 Chevrolet trucks featured new independent front suspensions with the exception of 4 wheel drive models. The pickup’s front springing was by extra heavy and durable torsion bars while rear springing for half- and 3/4-ton pickups employed coil springs. One-ton pickups retained the use of leaf springs in the rear but with torsion bars in the front.

The Apache range included also 1.5-ton model C40 with 133 or 157 inch wheelbase.

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