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Available P-105 / P-106 / P-107



Available P-105 / P-106 / P-107

1934 - 1937

In 1934, Available announced the addition of Cab-Over-Engine models. The design featured a beside-the-engine driver’s seat with motor enclosed in a wind tunnel with removable sides to permit access to valves, carburetor, pump, and ignition. The entire hood around the motor is insulated with fireproof material of low conductivity. The unique cab design meant significantly increased visibility with a two-piece top-hinged windshield.

In 1936, with the American economy continuing to feel the effects of the Great Depression, Available, along with many other manufacturers, sought to increase market share by developing light duty delivery vehicles.

Introduced in 1936, as 1937 models, Available highlited the increasingly important aspect of style – these models were “Streamlined”. The three models included the 3/4- to 1-ton P-105, the 1- to 1/2-ton P-106, and the 2-ton P-107. The 4-cylinder Waukesha FC powered the P-105, while other two models featured 6-cylinder Waukesha ZKA engines. Available did not offer these models in 1938.

Successor: Available WS-series / CS-series

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