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Available W-series



Available W-series

1933 - 1936

While most truck manufacturers utilized styling as one response to increase sales in the wake of the Great Depression, Available offered only minimal changes including a restyled radiator shell and cab for 1933.

Clearly reflecting the impact of the Depression, Available offered only five models. In 1933, Available W-range included 2-ton W140, 2.5-ton W200, 2.5-3-ton model W230 and 3-ton model W300. All were equipped with 6-cylinder Waukesha engines with an output of 63-110 hp and 4-speed manual gearboxes.

In 1934-36, Available offered 6 models under W-range: 1.5-ton W120, 2.5-ton W170 (73hp) and W210 (85hp), 3-ton W240, 3.5-ton W300, and the 4-ton W400. The engines were Waukesha 6-cylinder rated at 73-125 hp.

Predecessor: Available T-series
Successor: Available X-series

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