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Atkinson BT1366C / BT7566C / BT10066C

Atkinson BT7566C



Atkinson BT1366C / BT7566C / BT10066C

1963 - 1968

BT7566C Silver Knight is the heavy duty tractor with GCW of 75 tons. The earlier versions were known as BT1366C, but Atkinson changed the model codes in 1964 to reflect gross weights instead of nominal payloads.

A number of these were built, for both the home and export markets, and one was exhibited on the Atkinson stand at the 1968 Earls Court Show. Home market customers included Sunters and NCB, whilst a batch of 10 was supplied to South African Railways. Meanwhile, there is one known survivor in Australia.

All trucks had fiberglass cabs and bonneted layout. There was also version BT10066C with GCW of 100 tons for extra heavy works. Both models had Cummins NH250 engine and Allison automatic transmission.

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