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Atkinson Borderer / Venturer / Searcher / Defender / Leader

Atkinson Raider



Atkinson Borderer / Venturer / Searcher / Defender / Leader

1968 - 1975

Late in 1967 Atkinson redesigned the classic cab to create a Mk2 version. This was six inches wider, had a two inch lower door line, a completely flat floor, improved interior, lock actuators in place of handbrake to ease access, and dual headlamps. The pedal position was improved, a Chapman suspension seat standardized, and heater output increased.

In 1970 Atkinson gave all its models names to replace the old type names that had lapsed. The range consisted of tractive units Borderer (4×2) and Venturer (6×4), 2-axle chassis Raider, 3-axle Searcher and 4-axle Defender. The new model for this generation was the twin steer tractive unit Leader (6×2). There was also a special version of low tare weight trucks powered by Detroit diesels.

In 1969 Atkinson replaced the traditional cast aluminum radiator surround with a fiberglass replica. The last “true” Atkinson, a Defender 8-wheel rigid bearing chassis number FC29941, was built at Atkinson’s Walton-le-Dale works in 1975.

Predecessor: Atkinson 640 / 740 / 1060 / 1260 / 1580 / 1780 MkI (1949)

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