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Ahrens-Fox Continental Model A / Model B

Ahrens-Fox Continental model A / model B



Ahrens-Fox Continental Model A / Model B

1912 - 1915

Taken the same familiar name as the company’s famed steam fire engines the Ahrens-Fox Continental piston pumper was powered by a six-cylinder Herschell-Spillman T-head gasoline engine coupled to a 750 gpm piston pump, driven off the front end of crankshaft. Two standard models were offered – the Continental Model “A” and Continental Model “B” with the rear body for the crew. Built on a 148-inch wheel-chassis both models were available with or without chemical equipment. Totally 47 Continental model were built till early 1915. Of these just 3 were “B” models.

Successor: Ahrens-Fox K / L / M / N / P series 1

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