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ARDCO N 6×6 / N 10×10 / K 10×10

ARDCO N 10x10



ARDCO N 6×6 / N 10×10 / K 10×10

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ARDCO’s Model N 6×6 is an articulated steering six wheel drive, off-road vehicle designed to haul loads to 40,000 pounds (18,180 kgs). An important factor in the design of any good off-road, rough terrain vehicle is to make sure each tire supports its part of the load.

ARDCO combines the use of frame oscillation and walking-beam tandem-axle suspension to achieve a superior design. A wide variety of engines (to 300 hp), cabs, tires, winches, oil field decks, drills, and other specialized equipment is available to custom tailor the ARDCO Model N 6×6 to the needs of the mining, pipeline, exploration, utility and construction industries.

ARDCO also offered two series of 10×10s for moving bulky or very heavy loads. The K 10×10 is constructed using standard K Model components and is designed to carry bulky loads weighing up to 40,000 pounds (18,180 kg), while the N 10×10, built around standard N Model components, is designed to carry loads up to 100,000 pounds (45,000 kg).

In each series, a 6×6 tractor is combined with a trailer having its own engine and power train. All trailer controls are conveniently located in the tractor cab; however, the tractor 6×6 portion can be operated independently of the trailer when moving smaller loads and utilizing its gin poles for loading and positioning machinery.

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