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AMZ Kutno Żubr P prototype

AMZ Kutno Zubr P prototype

AMZ Kutno


AMZ Kutno Żubr P prototype

2008 - 2008

In 2008 the company introduced a prototype of a light armored vehicle Żubr P (4×4). This vehicle is used chassis of the commercial truck EuroCargo, produced in Poland under the license of Iveco. According to the company’s idea, the new vehicle could have different levels of protection depending on the applied hinged armor.

Moreover, its mass can vary from 10 to 15 tonnes. The bottom has a mine protection, which according to the creators can withstand a mine with a charge equivalent up to 8 kg of TNT. Żubr P can carry up to 10 person crew. Maximum speed on the highway is 100 km/h, range – up to 600 km. An automatic transmission and central tire inflation system is available as an option.

Successor: AMZ Kutno Żubr P / Żubr MMSR

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