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Allianz 4000



Allianz 4000

2005 - 2015

This model of the company Allianz Sweepers inherited from the previous company Johnston Sweeper, so it named in some literature as Allianz Johnston 4000. Capable of removing up to three tons of debris per minute, the 4000 Series features a specially designed equal width pick-up broom and elevator system that ensures smooth and even material flow without a loss in sweep speed.

These high performance sweeping components provide heavy duty pick-up across the full 125” sweeping path, even when faced with thought work loads like sand and asphalt grindings. A tight turning radius provides outstanding maneuverability, while highway speeds in excess of 50 mph minimize travel time between work sites and maximize swept miles per day. Large 5.6 cubic yard capacity high dump hopper features a ribbed design to eliminate rust traps and is midmounted for balanced weight distribution and superior loading characteristics.

A forward-mounted control cab with over 3,800 square inches of tinted safety glass gives the operator outstanding visibility, while integral parabolic mirrors and side window defrosters ensure a clear view of the gutterbrooms in any weather. In addition, an integral rear window inspection screen provides an unobstructed view of the hopper load from inside the cab. Engine is Cummins ISB 245, 6 cylinder turbocharged diesel. There is also natural gas engine 4000CNG with 230 hp engine and the world first hybrid sweeper 4000 Electric Hybrid.

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