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Alfa Romeo A15 / A19 / A38 / F20

Alfa Romeo A38

Alfa Romeo


Alfa Romeo A15 / A19 / A38 / F20

1967 - n/a

Since 1967, in cooperation with the French company SAVIEM, Alfa Romeo produced light trucks A15 / A19 / A38, similar to the French models SG2 and SG4. The lightest in the range model A15 had a total mass of 3500 kg, and the next in a series the model A19 – the total mass of 3900 kg. These trucks were equipped with a 72 hp engine and had a top speed of 92 km/h.

The heaviest model A38 had a total mass of 6300 kg and was available in three variants with a wheelbase of 2660 (A38), 3240 (A38/L1) and 3640 (A38/L2) mm. It had a more powerful 77 hp engine. Maximum speed was 79 km/h. The Model A38 was available in a four-wheel drive version. In addition to flatbed trucks and chassis there was a all-metal van F20 with a total weight of 4300 kg and engine power of 72 hp.

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