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Wheeld railway train ‘Uniline’


Wheeld railway train ‘Uniline’

We all heard lots of different stories about the conversion of common road vehicles to railway transport. But have you ever seen a train, that has been remade into a truck?

I strongly doubt it! It’s not a secret that building railroad costs a lot of money, so engineers from Brockhouse&Co. Ltd have designed this interesting way of cutting costs. This train is equipped with common road wheels and a tiny monorail is supposed to make the vehicle stay on its narrow way. The result was unbelievably great, because the vehicle showed a really good amount of grip and it helped to cut the costs indeed.

Considering its own weight of 5 tons, it could carry up to 126 tons of cargo riding on the 1st gear. It was performing very good on hills as well, and a very innovative pneumatic braking system was a good support. There were 3 types of wagons: two-axle, three-axle and six-axle, each of them could carry 4.5, 6 and 10 tons of cargo.

Top speed was about 25 mph, but to achieve it, the pilot needed to go through all the 10 gears. After the war, there was no chance to survive for this vehicle. Many railways were destroyed, and common trucks were much easier to use.

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