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Scale model of a new armored MRAP by Kamaz


Scale model of a new armored MRAP by Kamaz

During the demonstration of innovative developments in Moscow has been featured on a new armored vehicle KAMAZ.

There is a model of an armored 6×6 with elements of MRAP vehicles, designed to protect the crew from being blown up by improvised explosive devices. The perspective model is a further development of the program “Armored Bus” developed previously by the “Special vehicles” of “KAMAZ”. Armored vehicle created by the program “Armored Bus” had a similar design and has been called “The Warrior”. The prototype was armed with a weapon station installed in the center of the hull. The experience gained during the design and construction of the first prototypes of the program “Armored Bus” has already been used to create a family of armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers “Typhoon”.

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