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VPK-59095S «VPK – Ural»

ВПК – Урал



VPK-59095S «VPK – Ural»

2019 - p.t.

At the International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2019” “Military Industrial Company” showed the armored vehicle VPK-59095S “VPK – Ural”.

A 4×4 military vehicle belongs to a heavier class than that produced by the group armored vehicle “Tiger”. It weighs 14,500 kg. Length – 6,500 mm, width – 2,550 mm, height – 2,800 mm. The ground clearance is 400 mm.

The armored body accommodates 12 people. They are placed in comfortable special anti-traumatic chairs with seat belts and are protected not only from all types of small arms, but also from the explosion of a land mine weighing up to 6 kg under the wheels or the bottom car.

A YaMZ-536 360 hp diesel is installed under the hood in front, joined with an automatic transmission. The maximum speed on the highway is 100 km/h. The range is 1000 km.

“VPK-Ural” is a multipurpose vehicle. It can be used to perform a wide range of tasks and can become a base for installing of various weapons.

Another advantage of this armored car is the widespread use in its design of mass production units. A two-axle all-wheel drive chassis of the Ural-53099 truck is used as a base.

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