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Renault T High 1894 Edition

Renault T High 1984 edition



Renault T High 1894 Edition

2019 - 2020

In honor of the 125th anniversary, Renault Trucks launches a limited edition T High 1894 Edition. Only 125 will be made. The special edition combines modern style and historical traditions of the brand. The French manufacturer pays tribute to its roots with the truck, which bears the colors of the Berliet logo.

The body is painted in an exclusive dark blue color of the night sky. It has several specific parts, the radiator grill is golden yellow, while the rest, such as the hubs, are painted red. The T High 1894 is also equipped with a golden yellow horn and a set of lights on the roof.

Various graphic details on the body, such as the “Edition 1894” lettering on both sides and on the rear of the cab, enhance the body’s shape and give the vehicle a dynamic feel. The side skirts are specially designed for this special edition with contours that follow the shape of the Renault Trucks logo and resemble the Berliet logo in the center.

The dashboard and steering wheel is painted in navy blue and the door trims are blue and red. The red air vents are the finishing touch to the vehicle’s interior harmony. The black leather Recaro seats have red stitching and the headrest is embroidered with ‘Edition 1894’ in golden yellow. The T High 1894 also features red embroidered rugs and golden yellow curtains.

This limited edition also features top of the range equipment to improve driver comfort, such as the panoramic dashboard with an “Edition 1894” LCD screen and a secondary ROADPAD+ screen with reversing camera. As regards power, the T High 1894 is fitted with a 13 L 520 hp engine.

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