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Chevrolet Kodiak 3rd series C6500 / C7500 / C8500 ‘2002

Chevrolet Kodiak C7500



Chevrolet Kodiak 3rd series C6500 / C7500 / C8500 ‘2002

2002 - 2009

The third generation of Kodiak trucks appeared in 2002. The heavy-duty models in Kodiak range – the C6500, C7500 and C8500 – has a GVW of 7,3-22,8 tons and equipped with a petrol V8 engine (8,1 liters, 295 hp) or in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine (7,2-7,8 liters, 170-300 hp). Transmission is 5- or 10-speed manual and 5- or 6-speed automatic.

Trucks are available with a new single or twin cab 6-place cabins. The heavy versions have a larger diameter of wheels. The third generation trucks received an updated design of front mask with single rectangular headlights. Heavy Kodiak were produced as a two (C6500, C7500 and C8500 models) or three-axle chassis (C8500 model).

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