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Chevrolet Series 20 / 30 / 40 ‘1962

1963 Chevrolet C-20



Chevrolet Series 20 / 30 / 40 ‘1962

1962 - 1964

In 1962, all Chevrolet trucks received a new grille with only two headlights, as opposed to the quad headlights of last year. The massive hoods remained, but their appearance was less predominant due to the fact that the dual air scoops were now gone, and the parking lights were simply blended into the sheet metal.

Engine options for Series C10 through C30 included the standard 235.5 cubic inch six and the optional 283 cubic inch 160 horsepower V-8. In 1963 light trucks received a slightly revised radiator grille.

Major engineering changes for 1963 included replacing the light-duty model’s torsion bar front suspension with coil springs and replacing the former standard six cylinder engine family with all new 230 cubic inch and 292 cubic inch sixes. The former 235.5 and 261 cubic inch sixes remained the standard engines for K10 and K20 pickups only.

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